Curated by Paola Nicolin

September 27, 2019 November 23, 2019


Thursday, September 26, 2019
6 – 8 pm


September 27, 2019
November 23, 2019
11 am - 7 pm
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This exhibition aims to reveal affinities and correspondences between the work of two pivotal figures in post war Italy who paid special attention to designing their works, and were among the first ones in Milan to challenge the limits of painting and architecture respectively: Rodolfo Aricò (1930-2002) and Anna Castelli Ferrieri (1918-2006).

During the 1960s, Rodolfo Aricò (1930-2002) starts creating shaped canvases combining geometric rigor with a suspended perceptual ambiguity. Designed by applying the principles of axonometric projection and characterised by apparently monochrome surfaces, Aricò’s works explore the boundary “between object and image”, as Giulio Carlo Argan wrote in 1967, and investigate the notions of space and its representation. Standing across painting, sculpture and architecture, these works renew the traditional categories of art history.

Also working in Milan in the same years as Aricò, Anna Castelli Ferrieri (1918-2006), Kartell’s artistic director from 1976 to 1987, is a key female figure in fostering innovation in architecture and design. Her interdisciplinary education across arts allows her to conceive architectures, set-ups and furniture questioning the identity and function of design, while wondering who it is made for. The use of simple geometric forms is combined with attentive research on new materials, particularly plastic, whose versatility Anna Castelli exploits to challenge ideas, prejudices and believes on objects’ value. Her attitude to think in a complex and humanistic manner makes her today an utterly contemporary figure, capable of combining rigor and formal control with emotional charge.

Credits © Riccardo Gasperoni


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