Rodolfo Aricò / Anna Castelli Ferrieri

L'amore per il progetto

Format: 24 x 20 cm
Binding: bodonian 
Pages: 104
Language: Italian/English
Year: 2020
Editor: Galleria d'Arte Tommaso Calabro 

This publication accompanies the exhibition Rodolfo Aricò / Anna Castelli Ferrieri. L'Amore per il progetto, curated by Paola Nicolin, at Tommaso Calabro Gallery, September 27 – November 23, 2019. 

The volume includes a preface by the exhibition curator Paola Nicolin, and the reprinting of two texts related to the protagonists of the show. Guido Ballo’s interview to Rodolfo Aricò, published in the catalogue of the exhibition Progetti from 1975, reveals Aricò’s conception of design as research and experimentalism, combining geometric rigor, lucidity of mind, and emotional charge. The essay 'Design responsibilities: the “natural” of man’ from Anna Castelli’s 1991 volume The Interfaces of Material. Design Experiments: Chairs and Behavior summarises her attitude towards design and her visionary experimentation with natural and artificial materials.   

This entirely illustrated catalogue is enriched by the images of the works displayed in the show, the exhibition installation views and archival photographs from the Archivio Rodolfo Aricò and the Archivio Anna Castelli Ferrieri.